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This is ideal for complete beginners but also for bushing up on your techniques or learning new ones

Here are details of the first two!We haven’t entirely solved the issue but now from our gallery page you will be able to click straight through to our Pinterest boards which will be updated weekly with all the new projects from our blogs and workshop projects from Snazzys Studio.Basepoint have introduced new parking arrangements with immediate effect in an attempt to resolve the parking issues caused by visitors to the office block.

If you are attending a workshop, find a parking space, or pull up in front of the studio as normal, then WE will give you a Visitor’s Parking Permit to display in your vehicle.You can find out more about each of our fantastic teamies here, and follow the links to their own blogs too We have been busy adding Snazzys artwork to our Pinterest and you can pop over there to view projects both from our blogs, and those that have been taught at workshops in our studio. Simply click the links below to take you to the board of your choice and if you have any questions about our artwork then do just email us and we will be happy to help.

So, even if you are too far away to visit the studio, you can still stop by and see what we are up to. where she can rattle on about her obsession with stamps and everything inky, and share the projects she has made just because she wanted to!Whether you a complete novice hoping to learn a new craft, a seasoned crafter looking to learn new techniques, brush up on your skills, looking for some new ideas or want to explore in a new direction in your crafting, somewhere in the six new classes and three drop in sessions we offer each month we are sure to have something to suit you! We are very much a specialist stamping studio so, as you would expect, whether we are teaching mixed media, Art Journaling, mini books, canvases or card making techniques, stamps will almost always feature in the project

Don’t be put off though as stamping is actually very simple and we can cover the basic technique with you very quickly - it’s where you choose to take it from there that will inspire your crafting! The most popular of our workshops remains our Take One Stamp class - can you believe Val has been teaching this class for over nine years, every time with different stamps and brand new projects

In these workshops we use just one stamp/stamp plate with three different techniques to make three quite different projects and hopefully illustrate just how versatile stamps can be. Do checkout our workshop page for the other types of workshops we offer including our revived Monthly Layout, and new Stamping Basics classes and also visit our monthly workshop timetables for full details of what’s on offer each month.

Easiest stamping techniques

A graphic piece printed by hand, even if it is a multi-copy print, can be considered as an original artwork, since, due to the very nature of the manual printing process, each specimen will always be slightly different from the others. Your stunning escorts will show you how to turn any portion of paper into a unique card through some of the easiest stamping techniques.

Unleash your creativity and stamp your own designs

Your favorite escort has amazing skills that you are about to discover. This delightful lady from the Escort Directory will show you the richness of several manual stamping techniques such as monotypes, gelatin printing, stenciling and wooden blocks.

She will show you the spectacular results you can obtain with each one of these styles. She will also introduce you to the handling of the procedures and tools that each technique implies.

Dazzling escorts have a remarkable experience in terms of the development of creative projects as they are real artists. They can show you the best websites where you can find detailed video tutorials which include step-by-step instructions that will teach you how to apply the easiest stamping techniques. They will also share with you some useful tips to ensure the quality of the final piece.

In this way, you will be able to create marvelous greeting cards to surprise your friends during the upcoming holidays.

Understanding the basic notions of stamping techniques

The processes used to reproduce texts or images on a wide variety of materials involve the use of simple mechanisms that consist of applying coloring substances to a support like a plastic stamp that allow you to make multiple reproductions.

Your gorgeous escort can show you how to combine such tools with embossing methods in order to embellish your work in an elegant way. Additionally, she will explain you some techniques which can increase the intensity of the color of the final piece.